Saturday, January 12, 2013

Payless Shoes That Are Made For Long Distance Walking

by Philippa Lane                                              

I do not like uncomfortable walking shoes, so when I discovered two very inexpensive shoes from Payless Shoe Source that are great for walking and fit right into my budget, I was quite excited.

Mary Jane Sport Cross Trekkers: My top choice for comfortable, supportive, and stylish walking shoes is the Mary Jane Sport Cross Trekkers for women.  I have them in a size 8.5 in the color of Noir Essence (black).  These shoes are so cute, lightweight, and comfortable.  I actually wore them at Disneyland and walked throughout the entire theme park for many hours and stood in long lines, without any discomfort at all.  My feet felt great! The upper parts of the shoes are made of a mesh material for breathability and the bottom part of the shoe is made of leather.  The straps that criss-cross on top of the shoes are adjustable and secure.  Even though the shoes are casual and can be worn with jeans, they also have a semi-casual look to them as well that can be worn with skirts, dresses, and pants.  I also found that I can wear the shoes with stockings, socks or without any socks.  I absolutely love these shoes and highly recommend them for everyday wear.  Price: $19.99

Champion Silver Fleet Runner Tennis Shoes: These running shoes are a great pick for all seasons with a lightweight feel that is great for working out the gym or just running errands.  Available in a variety of sizes and colors that match almost any wardrobe.  The top of the shoes are made with mesh material and faux leather overlays with soft textured laces, and they come in the colors white with silver and purple embellishments.  The shoes also come in a grey/blue color as well.  I found the shoes to be very lightweight and comfortable, but the only problems I experienced were that the left shoe did not fit my left foot as well as the right one and the top of the shoe was a little uncomfortable. That could have happened because I did not wear the shoes all of the time and it takes time for feet to get adjusted to new tennis shoes.  They are the lightest tennis shoes that I have ever owned, which make them a great choice for daily running, exercise, or walking around town.  So, if you are looking for really good walking shoes that are supportive and inexpensive, then I recommend the Champion Silver Fleet Runner Tennis Shoes.  Price: $29.99

I have just shared with you two of my favorite shoes for walking from Payless Shoe Source. If you are looking for stylish shoes that are well made, comfortable, lightweight, and affordable, then these shoes may just be the ones that you have been looking for.

You can find the Mary Jane Sport Cross Trekkers and the Champion Silver Fleet Runner Tennis Shoes at

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