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by Philippa Lane                                                                     

Spring and summer are the seasons of the year when I like to wear pretty sandals, but not just any sandals, but the kind that are supportive, good for the feet, therapeutic with a style that is like no other and the only sandals I have found that offer all of this, along with long lasting comfort are made by Orthaheel.

Not everyone has perfectly aligned feet, which is a problem many people tend to ignore, but can cause instability and discomfort while standing and walking, especially when wearing the wrong footwear products.  Orthaheel Sandals help to align feet proportionately and two of my favorites from the collection are the Bali and Julie Slingback Sandals and I would like to share more about them with you today.

Bali Slingback Sandals: This lightweight sandal was invented by Phillp Vasyli an Australian podiatrist and it helps to realign the lower part of the legs. I like the way the Bali Sandals look, fit, and feel. The inside of the sole has a slight arch that supports the bottom of my feet, the exterior area of the outer sole of the sandals have a very interesting wave pattern to it that helps to improve stability when walking on uneven surfaces, and the backstrap is adjustable with a loop snap closure. Mine come in a shiny black patent leather color with intricate beading that is stitched across the straps that gives a glamorous, yet sturdy appearance. The Bali is also available in other colors, such as- Raspberry, Cobalt, and Ivory. I prefer the Black color, because it goes well with practically everything that I wear and the sandals look great when paired with long flowing skirts, dresses, jeans, skinny pants, and knee length skirts. The Bali Slingback Sandal can be worn with both casual and dressy apparel, while providing all-day support and comfort. Price: $54.99

Julie Slingback Sandals: I usually do not wear colorful sandals and tend to choose footwear in solid black or white colors, but that has changed since I was introduced to the Julie Slingback Sandal in the vibrant and feminine color of Coral. Like the Bali Sandal, the Julie was invented by the respected podiatrist Phillip Vasyli. The sandal has an EVA footbed, durable rubber outsole with wave patterned tread, built-in lightweight EVA biomechanical orthotic footbed that is supportive, helps realign the lower legs, reduces over-pronation, and the EVA midsole absorbs shock and reduces pressure on ankles, feet, and knees.  It has a t-strap design and is available in other colors, such as- Bronze, Black, and White; however, I prefer the Coral color. I was surprised that the Coral color compliments such a wide variety of other colors and on the top of the shoes there are beautiful floral accents that add an extra feminine touch, without looking flashy. Normally, I do not usually wear t-strap shoes, because of discomfort between my toes while standing or walking, but to my surprise, the t-strap on the Julie Slingback Sandal does not cause any discomfort or irritation at all, even after hours of standing and walking long distances. The Julie is available in a variety of sizes and provide excellent support while standing or walking. Both sandals are easy to clean just wipe them off with a damp cloth and let the air dry them. Price: $79.95

If you have been looking for a well made sandal that is supportive, comfortable, and stylish with excellent arch support as well as therapeutic reinforcement for the feet, legs, and back, then I highly recommend checking out the Bali and Julie Sandals by Orthaheel.   

You can find the Julie and Bali Sandals by going to- http://www.orthaheelusa.com

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