Nuu-Muu the Exercise Dresses

by Philippa Lane

I never thought that a woman could look so lovely and feminine wearing a dress while exercising, but my mindset quickly changed after I received two Nuu-Muu Dresses and experienced their graceful beauty in fitness and everyday activities.

The founder of Nuu-Muu is a lovely woman by the name of Christine Nienstedt. She gained notoriety after running a marathon, wearing a floral print polyester dress. Many people liked the way the dress looked on her and she received so many compliments that she felt there was a need for specially designed dresses that women could exercise in, so in October 2007, Nuu-Muu was introduced.

I would like to share a personal story about me. In the past, I used to ride a bicycle wearing culottes, which are shorts that look like a dress. Even though the culottes looked feminine, the material was restricting, did not stretch with my movements, and made my bike riding experience uncomfortable.

I no longer need to wear culottes when exercising or walking around town, now that I have Nuu-Muu Dresses and my favorites are:

Fruit Punch: I absolutely love this dress because it has vibrant colors of lipstick red with lavender, marigold, and aqua floral prints throughout the dress. It reminds me of patterns from the 1970’s with such bright colors and feminine designs. The dress comes in sizes XS to XXL. My Nuu-Muu Fruit Punch Dress is a size medium, it fits me perfectly, is not too long or short, and I can wear it over jeans and leggings or the dress can be paired with a jean jacket or sweater. The dress is also available in a Ruu-Muu version with pockets. Price: $70.00

Sapphire: This is an indigo blue print dress with white, periwinkle, and pale blue colors. My dress comes in a size medium, but the Nuu-Muu Sapphire Dress is available in XS-XXL. I can pair this dress with jeans, leggings, and many colorful sweaters. I have even worn a black short coat over it. I can walk, run, dance, and ride a bike wearing the dress and it is so lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and stretchable; perfect for everyday wear. Price: $70.00

Both of the dresses that I have just mentioned are made from high quality Polyester/Lycra, are stain, wrinkle, tear resistant and are great for exercise, travel, and daily activities. The fabric is breathable and can be washed in cool water and hung up to dry.

I thought at first that the dresses were a little expensive, but after wearing the dresses and experiencing the way they feel and wearing them on a regular basis, I realized that they are well worth the price and are unlike any other dresses I have ever worn. They are so easy to take care of, I am very pleased with Nuu-Muu Dresses and I highly recommend them to any woman who wants feminine fitness apparel that is like no other.

I have only shared with you two of my favorites, but Nuu-Muu has many other beautiful dresses that you can choose from their collection

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