Lands’ End Apparel Gift Guide

by  Philippa Lane                                           

I have always loved Lands’ End, because their clothing line is simple, classy, modest, and stylish without all of the frills. I am not saying that I do not like frilly clothing at times, but I believe that you can never go wrong with clothing that has basic lines, classic colors, and still looks beautiful.

I want to share with you some of my favorites from the Lands’ End Collection that I absolutely love and hope that you will too.

Women's Regular Performance V-neck Sweater Vest: A ladies v-neck sweater vest looks great when paired with a white buttoned down blouse or tee. This look is fresh, always in style, and has a distinctively preppy appeal. The Lands’ End Regular Performance V-neck Sweater Vest comes in five different colors- Classic Red, Black, China Blue, Pale Emerald, and True Navy. Sizes range from regular, petite, plus and the fabric is an acrylic nylon blend. I have this vest in both classic red and black. I like the look and feel of the vests, but the only thing that I don’t like is that they seem to fit a bit larger than I expected.  The vests are in a small size, but fit more like a medium, other than sizing issue, the vests look beautiful and are perfect for all season wear. Price: $38.00

Zip-front Drifter Cardigan Sweater: If you want to stay warm and you don’t like to wear heavy, bulky, clunky sweaters or jackets, then the Lands End Zip-Front Drifter Cardigan Sweater is the perfect choice. Made from 100% Cotton, this long sleeved sweater has a lot of style, is lightweight, and comes in five amazing colors, such as- Red, Burgundy, Evergreen, Black, Yellow, and Classic Navy.  I have the sweater in the color Evergreen and I love the naturalness of the color and how it can be paired with a variety of fashion options. The sizes vary from Small to X-Large and have a true to size fit. I like to wear this sweater over a basic t-shirt or blouse when wearing a casual skirt or pants. It is not a dressy sweater and is best suited for casual occasions and with casual attire.  Price: $40.00

Women's Regular Fit 2 Boot-Cut Corduroy Pants: I remember when I was a teenager; I loved to wear corduroy pants. In high school many girls would wear them, so of course I had a few pairs myself. Lands’ End Fit 2 Boot-Cut Corduroy Pants are a great choice for any woman who wants corduroy pants that are comfortable, stylish, and feel great.  Made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex, these pants provide the perfect amount of stretch and breathability for all day wear. They come in the colors- Sailcloth, Umber, and Vermillion and range in size from 2 to 18. The pants are soft and have a classic look to them that can be worn all year long. Price: $34.99

Land’s Ends Women’s Skirts: I have to mention Lands’ End Women’s Skirts. They have a wonderful collection of women’s skirts ranging from solid, plaid, school uniform, swim skirts, women’s plus size, and pleated skirts. I love the wide selection of high quality and modest skirts that I can choose from for every season of the year.   

I have just mentioned a few of my favorites, but you might have some of your own. 

You can find Lands’ End Apparel for men, women, and children as well as luggage, school uniforms, shoes, and outerwear by going to-

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