Ektio Post Up Blue/Black Basketball Shoes (Review)

by Philippa Lane

If you are looking for shoes that are good for your feet and help to protect your ankles from injury on the basketball court, then Ektio Shoes are exactly what you need.

Ektio Shoes are stylish, trendy, and provide essential protection and support for ankles while playing basketball.  These shoes are revolutionary with impeccable details and there are no other footwear products that can compare, provide excellent protect from ankle injuries, and give such amazing results on the court. 

I personally own a pair of Ektio Shoes in the color of Royal Blue/Black with suede leather and black mesh. The mid sole is black with blue striping and the bumpers are blue. The evolutionary designed carbon fiber shank of the shoe is revealed at the arch of the foot and there is a double leather strap that goes over the ankle area to help protect it from abuse and injury.

The upper parts of the shoes are made with lightweight synthetic materials, mesh on the sides of the shoes for adequate ventilation, and durable foam helps to supply comfort and protection for the foot’s heel and sole areas.

Because of a high quality cushioning foam midsole, the shoes are very comfortable, allowing many hours of fluid movement and mobility on the court. 

Unlike so many basketball shoes that are on the market today, Ektio Shoes have one main purpose and that is to prevent ankle injuries and because of the special dual strap system and the unique design of the shoes, it is virtually impossible to have an ankle injury while wearing the shoes, eliminating the need to tape up your ankles before playing basketball or another similar sport.

Ektio Post Up Shoes come in a variety of colors, such as blue/black, white/red, white/black, red/ black, light blue/gray, and all black. They also come in various sizes ranging from 8-15.

The shoes are a little pricey, but to me that is to be expected from such high quality, well made shoes that prevents ankle injuries

Ektio Shoes supply superior comfort, support, and durability. Instead of buying regular basketball or tennis shoes that provide little to no protection, I highly recommend getting a pair of Ektio Post Up Shoes.

If you have been searching for great looking basketball shoes with a unique style that are good for your feet, and can help prevent ankle injuries, then Ektio Post Up Shoes are the ones to get!

You can find the Ekto Post Up Shoes at www.Ektio.com for $119.00.

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