Aeropostale Live, Love, Dream Cosmetics Gift Guide


by Philippa Lane

Aeropostale is known throughout the world for its stylish clothing for young men and women, but now the company has introduced a wonderful cosmetic collection that is like no other.

I would like to share with you a few of my favorites. So, let's go!

Eye Shadow Trio: I love the way an eye shadow can really make eyes stand out and the Aeropostale Eye Shadow Trio does that. The eye shadow trio comes with three complimentary colors- pink, blue, and beige. I first like to apply the beige color on top of my eye lids as a base, and then add some of the blue shadow on the outer corners of my eyes. Finally, I apply the pink shadow directly underneath the brow area to complete the look. The finished look appears natural, seamless, and makes the eyes stand out. The trio comes with a lightweight applicator that makes it easy to apply the eye shadow to the eyelids.

Live Love Dream Lip Gloss Sampler: Aeropostale has many unique lip glosses to choose from such as- Strawberry Lip Gloss, Smooch Lip Gloss in Watermelon, Livable of a Dream, and many other delectable colors.

A great way to try a variety of Aeropostale Lip Glosses is with their Lip Gloss Sampler. There are six glosses in a package, they come in clear tubes to be able to view the vibrant colors, and they are easy to apply to the lips. I have the purple sampler pack, which contains various colors in that color hue, but you can also get a red sampler pack, if you prefer red tones. I was not pleased with the lip gloss sampler, because I did not like the way the glosses made my lips feel, but for someone else, the glosses may be a perfect fit. I love the colors, but not the way the glosses feel on my lips. Price $3.99

Aeropostale Cheek Stain- Red: If you are looking for a light red tint to give your face a healthy glow, then I suggest using the Aeropostale Cheek Stain. The stain comes in a 0.10 oz. size pot that is easy to apply, using your finger or a sponge to apply the color to your face. I love this cheek stain, because it does not feel heavy on my face and if I want to increase the intensity of the color, then I just apply a little bit more. Price: $1.99

Live Love Dream Nail Decorating Set: Our nails need a little pampering sometimes and with the Live Love Dream Nail Decorating Set, your nails can have a fresh, salon style manicure in the comfort of your own home. The Live love Dream Nail Decorating Set comes in three different color categories- Oxford Pink, Green, and Gray. I have the pink set, which contains two nail polishes, one in deep red and the other in a light pink shade, one gem pot, and one glitter pot that you can apply on top of your nail polish to give your nails extra pizzazz. I really love this nail decorating set, because it makes nails look very pretty for less than $5.00! Price: $3.99

Love Aero Nail Stickers: If you don't like glittery nails, then I suggest trying Love Aero Nail Stickers that come in unique stick-on designs that can be applied directly on top of your dry nail polish. There are 20 stickers in a package, they are fun to use, and look so cool on any shade of nail polish. Price: $2.00

Face Brush Set: I believe that anybody that wants to properly apply color to the face and to have it look as natural as possible, should use makeup brushes. Aeropostale has a great face brush set that comes in a clear pouch and includes an all over shadow brush, small shader brush, and a smudge brush. After using the brushes, you can clean them in soapy water, rinse with clear water, and then stand them up in a cup or stand to dry, so that you can use them all over again.

Okay, that’s it! These are some of my favorites from Aeropostale’s Live, Love, Dream Makeup Collection. I love the colors and the fact that they are very inexpensive, which is perfect for someone on a tight budget who wants to look great without spending a lot of money.

Fun, fresh, and exciting is what Aeropostale Cosmetics is all about!

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